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 video extracted from TVB

"Paint a New Life" Charity Sale and Art Exhibition 2021 by The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation (Phase I and II)
Media Coverage

The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation (HKSR) hosts the "Paint A New Life" Charity Sale and Art Exhibition (Phase I and II) to raise funds to support the rehabilitation services for the underprivileged in 2021. 


Being PR Partner, ViAsia PR prepared a thorough PR Strategy which helped to raise public awareness and attract donations of art pieces & funds.


We have lined up donations of 75 art pieces and numerous media interviews throughout the whole charity event, including radio, TV, newspapers and online platforms.   HKSR, painters, celebrities and service users were interviewed. Thanks for assistance from our celebrities and media friends, they have also publicized the event via their social media platforms. A total of over 20 media coverages has been recorded. Soon after the kick-off ceremony, 14 art pieces were immediately sold within 3 days. This successful launch led to the arrangement of the Phase II charity exhibition.


Through the interviews, the Society learned more about the phrase “arts have no boundaries”, showing that based on the fundamental premise of equality, people with disabilities or chronic illnesses could also participate in artistic creation and reach their full potential.

Scope of Services

PR Strategy and Implementation

- Media Angles and Stories

- Media Interviews (TV, Radio, Newspapers,

  online platforms and Social Media)

- Press Conference

- Press Release, Pitching and Monitoring

- Online and Offline Media

- Appeal and Publicity Videos

- Media Tour

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