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"Paint a New Life" Charity Sale and Art Exhibition 2021 by The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation (Phase I and II)



The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation (HKSR) hosts the "Paint A New Life" Charity Sale and Art Exhibition (Phase I and II) to raise funds to support the rehabilitation services for the underprivileged in 2021.


ViAsia PR is appointed as the promoting and marketing agency to organize and coordinate the charitable art event, including

 - solicitation of sponsors, such as media, venue and event sponsors; and

 - solicitation of painters and celebrities for donation of art pieces for charity sales.


Admist Covid 19 pandemic,  we have successfully launched the event consisted of 2 phases with a kick off ceremony  (+  live streaming), online and offline art exhibition, virtual tour, publicity videos, media conference and art appreciation seminars, etc.


The event features 75 artworks created by people from different walks of life showcasing their precious memories and life journey:


Renowned Painters: FUNG Wing Kee Raymond Fung, SHU Sung Wan, CHU Kit Yee Donna, CHAN Min Leung


Celebrities: WONG Yuen Chi Ivana, LEE Kai Sum Ali, Terence Siufay, FUNG Siu Wah, Wong Tsui Yu Priscilla, CHIU Cheung Shing Ben, CHIU Chung Yee Maggie, CHIU Yee Ting Elaine, TANG Lai Yan Stephy, LAI Chu


Service Users and Carers: 車文彧, 張月霞, 羅靜珍, 吳肇楓, 鄭紫燕


Art Enthusiasts: Elizabeth Cheng, Clara Li, Thinkers, Jackie Ma, Alice Lau, Julie Chung, David Fang (Donors), 趙愛萍, 劉志強, 陳沈時芬女士(陳智思先母), 陳賜, 潘阜民


Exhibition details:


Phase I

Date: 09 April – 08 May, 2021 (Mon – Sat)

Location: The Muse Gallery, Hotel Stage


Phase II

Date: 01 Jun – 11 Nov, 2021 (Mon – Sun)

Location: Kocham Polske HK Cultural Space & Gallery


The exhibition also gives new meaning to the phrase “arts have no boundaries”, showing that based on the fundamental premise of equality, people with disabilities or chronic illnesses could also participate in artistic creation and reach their full potential.


Established in 1959, HKSR is a pioneer in rehabilitation services in Hong Kong.  It provides one-stop services for people in need, ranging from rehabilitation, health management, accessible transport and travel, supported employment and elderly care services. HKSR has over 30 service units with an annual attendance exceeding 1.3 million.

Scope of Services

- PR Partner

- Project Management

- PR Strategy and Publicity

- Event Planning and Management

- Fund Raising

- Solicitation of Sponsors (Event  / Painters / -     Celebrities / Media / Venues)

- Art Donation and Buyers

- Kick Off Ceremony (+ Live Streaming)

- Programme Rundown

- Venue Design and Production

- Art Display Plan

- Pandemic Contingency Plan

- Press Conference

- Press Release, Pitching and Monitoring

- Interviews and Features

- Media,Liaison

- Professional Photography and Videography

- Administrative and Logistics Arrangement

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