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Charity Projects organized/coorganized by ViAsia PR
recorded in Regeneration Society Annual Report (2019 - 2020) & Newsletter (Jul - Sept 2021)

It is our honour to be included in the Annual Report (2019-20) and Newsletter (July-Sept 2021) of Regeneration Society. It recorded some of the charity projects we have organized and co-organized with Regeneration Society during the period, namely

  • Life Education Roadshow and Exhibition  in Community_Hang Seng - Regeneration Society Top Ten Regeneration Warriors Competition

  • Life Education Publication 《重拾》by Student Ambassadors of Hang Seng - Regeneration Society Top Ten Regeneration Warriors Competition 

  • Training Seminars for Regeneration Warriors

  • Face Mask Donation cum Anti-Epidemic Seminar for 6 NGOs (co-organized with Regeneration Society)

  • Special Live Programme 《爸爸伴我心》@ Father’s Day


We will continue to support NGOs to arrange charity projects to spread love and care in the community, especially during the pandemic hard times.

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