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Soul Dancing Solo Exhibition
by Master Shu Sung Wan at Fine Art Asia 8-11 Oct 2021

Famous Artist Shu Sung Wan held his Soul Dancing Solo Exhibition at Fine Art Asia 2021 in HKCEC. We are proud to be his PR Partner again.


Besides media relations, we have also arranged famous leaders from different sectors to visit Shu's exhibition. His art is highly appreciated by the VIPs and attracted a high-profile, sophisticated audience of dealers, collectors, curators and art lovers from all over the world.


Shu Calligraphy is a total breakthrough in the history of Chinese Calligraphy. They are a combination of the ‘pure heart’ with ‘pure water’ filled with creativity and energy.


A ‘Flower [花]’ character is able to reveal the growth of a flower.


A ‘Dance [舞]’ character is able to convey the pulse of the dancer.


A ‘Zen [禪]’ character can disclose the energy transformation and flow of atoms and particles.


Being Asia’s leading fine art fair, Fine Art Asia showcases museum-quality art works spanning over 5,000 years of cultural history, from ancient Chinese bronzes through to contemporary arts.

Scope of Services

- PR Partner

- Media Relations

- Press Invitation and Release

- Press Interview and Features

- VIP Invitation and Tour

- Programme Rundown

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