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True Colors Symphony (TCS)-
The Largest All Inclusive Orchestra in Hong Kong

"Be True Be Colors

 It is our differences that make us shine"


 Having been invited to the True Colors Symphony "Dream Beyond" Concert 2021, our team is so touched by the performance and the charity work all along done by the TCS. As such, we took initiative to liaise with media to let more people know about their stories and the "change" they brought to differently-abled musicians and their families.


 Being the largest all-inclusive orchestra in Hong Kong, TCS nurtures the musical talent of the differently-abled and provides them with various platforms to shine. They encourage interactions between people of different backgrounds. Their members include children, teenagers, adults, senior citizens, ethnic minorities, the visually-impaired, hearing-impaired, physically-impaired, students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), or other special educational needs. Advocating “Be True, Be Colors”, TCS supports inclusion, celebrates differences, demonstrates abilities and excellence we can achieve together.


 Recently, TCS has formed various chambers, involving players with different abilities, pop, and professional musicians. They performed in two of TCS's music videos, one of which was fully supported by Sony Music Entertainment Hong Kong, Sony Hong Kong, and the Hong Kong Disneyland. They have also collaborated with Hong Kong Arts Festival – No Limits and the renowned composer Yin Ng .

Scope of Services

- Media Relations

- Press Invitation and Release

- Media Interview and Features

- Media Angles and Stories

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