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$8 per day to Help Persons with Rehabilitation Needs

Online Donation for Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation

July 2020

Approximately 1 in every 3 persons in HK has some forms of disability or is a chronic patient, which indicates a rise in demand for rehabilitation services in HK. Established in 1959, The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation (HKSR) is the pioneer in rehabilitation services in HK. With over 30 service units in HK and Mainland China, the Society has gained an annual service attendance exceeds 1.5 million.

HKSR is always in need of community’s support to run the services, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, in view of the coronavirus, face to face fundraising events became impossible.  Online donation is the solution.  To offer our help, ViAsia PR together with Michelle Yim 米雪 (HK famous artist) has produced an appeal video encouraging people to donate online a portion from government cash handout, bearing the theme “A tiny amount as $8 per day can change many lives and allow users to receive sustainable services”.  The appeal video has received 23k views soon after released and obtained satisfactory donation.

Let’s continue to help as the virus spreads.

Scope of Services

- Promotion and Publicity

- Video Shooting, Editing and Production

- Theme and Concept Development

- Storyboard and Script-writing

- Art Direction and Special Effect

- Voice Over and Subtitles

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