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"ZEN IN • ZEN OUT" 2020 Solo Art Exhibition

by Master Shu Sung Wan @ Fringe Club & PMQ

This is ViAsiaPR's third time to arrange PR publicity for the art exhibition of Master Shu Sung Wan who is named by the International Biographical Centre of Cambridge, England as one of the "2000 Outstanding Artists and Designers of the 20th Century".  His works were collected by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, the Taiwan Center, Shaolin & a few renowned temples in China; and won him numerous awards in HK, New York & UK. 


"ZEN IN ZEN OUT" 2020 Solo Art Exhibition was held in Jan - Feb 2020 at Fringe Club & PMQ. Our PR team has arranged media joining the Opening Ceremony and guided media tours on the 2 exhibitions, led by Master Shu. In depth features and interviews were also pitched attracting all art lovers and collectors to the exhibitions.  


Being a pioneer of Contemporary Zen Art in HK, Master Shu has adopting Zen Buddhism over 30 years. Shu would paint after mediation to attain a state of insightful aspiration. His work exhibited an interplay of creativity and grandeur, a consummation of Oriental peaceful spirit and a pensive tranquility of the energy that flows through the universe and all manifestations of life and passion. 


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