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Video Credit: Hong Kong Institute of Christian Counselors

Chinese New Year Charity Bazaar for

Free Counseling Hotline

Hong Kong Institute of Christian Counselors 2020

Hong Kong Christian Counseling Service (HKCCS), an NGO established under Hong Kong Institute of Christian Counselors, has been providing counseling service to Hong Kong society since 2007.  Besides counseling interview sessions, a telephone counseling hotline is also set up for free to help the community.


In view of the current social situation and Coronavirus outbreak, there is an increasing urge for provision of more counseling service. To cope with the demand, ViAsia PR takes the initiative to organize a Chinese New Year Charity Bazaar to raise funds for the running and expansion of the hotline service, from liaising for product donation, recruiting volunteers, event logistics to arranging publicity work. Moreover, we have also lined up a radio programme hosted by Ms Amy Wu, a famous artist and counselor, to be performed on site to attract more donors. 


The charity event was a success which received media noise and raised funds for the service. The venue donor also extended a 3 months rent free period for the charity sale after the CNY charity bazaar.

Scope of Services

- Event Planning and Implementation

- Fund Raising

- Product Donation

- Radio Interview

- Celebrity Arrangement

- MC and MC Script

- Programme Rundown

- Venue Decoration

- Design and Production

- Recruitment of Volunteers

- Media Liaison

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