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「 再生會十大再生勇士生命教育分享展覽」【再生會】#HKCSRTV #公益電視_pODs611Fb-A_1080p
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video extracted from CSRTV 

Promoting Life Education in Community

Top Ten Regeneration Warriors Roadshow 26 & 27 Oct 2019 @ MCP1

Hang Seng – Regeneration Society

To promote Life Education in community, Hang Seng Bank & Regeneration Society held the “Top Ten Regeneration Warriors Roadshow” in Oct 2019 at Metro City 1. 

ViAsia PR is honoured to be appointed as the PR agency to handle the event from creative development, programmes design to onsite management. The 2-day roadshow consists of 1 Regeneration Warriors Exhibition, 1 Opening Ceremony, 1 Life Education Seminar, 6 Warrior Experience Sharing Sessions (interviewed by Student Ambassadors & Social Worker), 2 Disability Experience Booths and 2 DIY Happiness Workshops.  The Life Education Publication “重拾" was also distributed to the public at the roadshow. Over 1,000 visitors together with the Celebrities, Regeneration Warriors, Student Ambassadors, Sponsors and Volunteers participated in the roadshow which was broadly reported by media.

This project is under the “Hang Seng Bank - Regeneration Society Top Ten Regeneration Warriors Competition” Programme which has been supporting by Hang Seng Bank since 2008.

Scope of Services

- Project Management

- Event Planning & Implementation

- Promotion & Publicity

- Creative Development

- Life Education Road Show

- Exhibition

- Life Education Seminar

- Warrior Experience Sharing Sessions

- Disability Experience Booths

- DIY Happiness Workshop

- Celebrities Invitation

- MC & MC Script

- Media Relations

- Sponsorship Liaison (Venue & Products)

- Design & Production (Backdrop, 

  Exhibition Panels, Props & Certificates)

- AV & Lighting Arrangement

- Programme Rundown

- Course Design

- Recruitment of Student Ambassadors

- Recruitment of Volunteers

- Souvenirs

- Photography & Videography

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