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Promotion and Publicity of

Hang Seng – HKFWS Youth Mediation Scheme 2018-19

Part 2: Story-telling and PM App Workshops

In response to the increasing need of peaceful conflict resolution in school setting, Hang Seng Bank has supported Hong Kong Family Welfare Services (HKFWS) since 2013 to widely promote mediation education in primary schools through the “Hang Seng – HKFWS Youth Mediation Scheme” (The Scheme).

ViAsia PR is delighted to be responsible for the promotion and publicity of the Scheme 2018 – 19.  We have derived a strategic publicity plan to promote the Scheme, including Mediation Storybooks and Peer Mediation Mobile App (PM App) to make the impact of the Scheme more sustainable; arranged spin-off media / publicity activities by leveraging the Scheme’s programmes; and produced 2 promotion videos for the PM App for showing in public events & social media channels.

Regarding the spin-off media / publicity activities, ViAsia PR has arranged media to participate with primary students in the interesting Storytelling and the innovative PM App workshops. From their first-hand experience, media is able to understand how the programme package of the Scheme would equip students with peer mediation concept & skills; and strengthen students’ self-efficacy & their life skills for better interpersonal relationship; as well as enhance parent-child relationship. Media interviews with students, teachers, parents and Hang Seng Bank Volunteers of the Scheme are arranged after the workshops. Features on the Scheme are broadly published throughout the year.

Scope of Services

- PR Strategy

- Promotion and Publicity

- Promotion Plan

- Spin-off Media / Publicity Activities

- Media / KOL Interviews

- Generating News Angles

- Media Content

- Feature Writing

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