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Comfort is New Fashion! 

Brand Building for Simply Shoes HK  2018

With a range of beautifully crafted shoes from Italy for young ones and impeccably designed footwear from Brazil for ladies, Simply Shoes HK, a new brand from Europe, arrived Hong Kong. 

ViAsia PR is requested to build up the brand within a short period of time. Our client is particularly proud of their children’s line and women’s collection of Piccadilly, Brazilian footwear which offers the best comfortable yet affordable stylish footwear.

In these circumstances, we offered a series of online and offline promotion. We invited famous KOLs and child actors to visit the shop, try the shoes and share their experiences in their social media. We also created FB & IG posts and topic discussions in large chat groups. In addition, a photo contest was arranged on Mother's Day in their warehouse shop. Ms Alison Chang, famous career & parenting KOL and Ms Veronica Hoi, famous Chinese Practitioner & health columnist together with child actors joined the contest. The promotion posts were shared in numerous online platforms, social media and chat groups. The event attracted full house customers and media coverages. 

Apart from the above, 2 promotion videos were also produced which engaged high publicity. 

Both the online and offline promotion was speedy launched within one month. We are happy that Simply Shoes HK later got pop up stores in several locations and open their shop in Sogo Department Store. 

Scope of Services

- PR Strategy

- Promotion and Publicity 

- Online and Offline Marketing 

- KOLs and Celebrities Engagement

- Social Media Management  

- FB and IG Post 

- Event Planning and Implementation 

- MC and MC Script 

- Programme Rundown

- Venue Decoration

- Design and Production

- Video Shooting and Production

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