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Scope of Services

- PR Strategy and Publicity
- Project Management
- Event Planning and Management
- Award Ceremony
- Viral Publicity Videos
- Brochure Publication
- Venue Management
- Volunteers Recruitment and Briefing
- F & B Arrangement
- MC Arrangement and Script
- Media Pitching and Liaison
- Media Reception and Release
- Media Interviews and Features
- Advertorial
- Media Report
- Souvenirs Production (Trophy, Uniform

  & Certificate)

Top Ten Regeneration Warriors Award Competition
Hang Seng Bank - Regeneration Society

Hang Seng Bank has sponsoring the Regeneration Warriors Award Competition organized by Regeneration Society for over 10 years. Our team has worked on the project for 5 consecutive years.  The competition aims at promoting the importance of positive life values under which the 10 Regeneration Warriors shared their experiences in overcoming chronic illness to live rich and rewarding lives.
The Award Presentation Ceremony is held in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre annually. ViAsiaPR acted as the PR Consultant and Project Manager for the whole project, starting from the judging panel to the award presentation ceremony. We have tailor made a unique PR Publicity Plan and managed the event and production of all publicity collaterals including brochure publication (奮鬥錄) and 10 viral publicity videos. We also helped in recruiting and training over 100 volunteers.
Professor Sophia Chan, JP, the Secretary of Food and Health,

Dr Ko Wing-man, GBS, JP and Mr. Jasper Tsang Yuk-sing, GBM, JP have been invited as Officiating Guests of the Ceremony.  Successful media interviews were arranged and stories of the 10 warriors attracted all media to report.  We have received over 90 counts of media coverages totaling at the estimated amount of HK$4,500,000 media value.

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