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"Were I A Butterfly - Long in Existence"
Shu Sung-wan Solo Art Exhibition 2017

Scope of Services

- Media Invitation
- Media Pitching and Liaison
- Media Release and Monitoring

Shu Sung-wan, a pioneer of Zen Art of our time, was named by The International Biographical Centre of Cambridge, England as one of the "2000 outstanding Artists and Designers of the 20th Century".  He also established the Starfish Art Association to promote art and is the founder of Fun Fun Foundation, a charitable organisation to help the needy.

In October 2017, Shu held his solo art exhibition "Were I A Butterfly - Long in Existence" at Jao Tsung - I Academy.

ViAsia PR helped to pitch and liaise with media, introducing the art master to the public.  Parallel with the solo exhibition in Jao Tsung I Academy, Shu Sung-wan was interviewed by various media, including broadcast on a TVB programme.  Public appreciate his art and learn that with his upbringing and skilful rendition of each brush stroke, his paintings garnered a pensive tranquility of energy that flows through the universe and all manifestations of life and passion.

Owing to the good media response, Shu's exhibition engaged valuable art buyers and has invited by Jao Tsung I Academy to extend the exhibition period.  The Fun Fun Foundation also attracted initial donations to start up their community services.

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