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Mission Healthy Greens - Buddist Hung Sean Chau Memorial College Elder Academy Launch Ceremony 2017

To encourage elders to lead an active and flourishing life, the Labour and Welfare Bureau and the Elderly Commission jointly launched a school-based Elder Academy (EA) Scheme.  Currently, there are about 130 EAs in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions throughout the territory.  Mission Healthy Greens - Buddhist Hung Sean Chau Memorial College Elder Academy is one of the EAs established in 2017, targeting to promote green education.


ViAsia PR is responsible to arrange the Launch Ceremony and the media reception for this Elder Academy.  It is understood that EAs are characterised by cross-sectoral collaboration and inter-generational harmony, and aim to promote continuous learning among elders.  We have invited Dr Lam Ching-choi, Chairman of the Elderly Commission as the Officiating Guest; and elders & children to join the Ceremony.  Exhibitions, workshops and Seminars on energy saving and farming were provided at the venue.  All generations had interacted joyfully and enjoyed a harmonious afternoon. 


Media conducted special interviews with the Chairman of the Elderly Commission and CEO of the Mission Healthy Greens, seeing that elderly services are society’s great concern.

Scope of Services

- Event Planning and Management

- MC Arrangement and Script

- Media Invitation, Release and Reception

- Media Pitching and Monitoring

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